Boss Up On THE Holiday Season!

Last year, I made the ill-fated mistake of thinking I could cook and eat the way I did before we started the StillFit360 program.  As a matter of fact, I said what we hear all the time… I’ll get back on track after the holiday. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

One thing I’ll note is that after eating clean for 11 months, two days of bad eating was enough to make me feel like I had the flu for a week after.  No LIES told.  It just wasn’t worth it (for me). So this year I’m taking a different approach and I’m sending a message to everyone who’ll listen that we can stay focussed during this season.  Don’t let the holiday’s boss you around.

Change your approach. While the holiday season spans 2 months, we don’t have to spend 60 days overindulging in the wrong foods and ending our workout regimens. Look at it through a different lens this year. Prepare for the holiday blitz by making a plan to succeed and enjoy yourself. Trust me you can do both!

I recently saw a meme that broke down the number of actual holidays vs the number of days left in the year.  It made it plain.  There is simply no reason to get lost in the season. 

So I’m sharing my plan* with you – use it and/or create your own.  

Thanksgiving 1 Day  (I’m cooking so I take 2)

Christmas 1 Day (I’m traveling so take 2)

New Years Eve 1 Day

New Years Day 1 Day

Holiday Parties 4 Days (that’s my limit)

*My plan consists of one meal and snacks outside of my normal diet plan and a glass of champagne or two!

That’s 10 days! That means you have 50 whole days to choose the right foods and keep up with your workouts to keep yourself on track!