14 Day No Sugar Challenge

14-Days, Say No To Sugar!

Congratulations!!! You made the big decision to do something for yourself! You are one of the very few who choose to no longer be controlled by that sugar monster! We sincerely thank you for joining our 14-day sugar challenge. In my opinion and based on our research, sugar is one of the biggest reasons why we are overweight and unhealthy.
The Standard American Diet (SAD) is full of sugar!!! Everything you normally consume from “breakfast” to post-dinner snacks are full of added processed sugars. We know that processed sugar is unhealthy, so I’ll spare you the sermon. You’ve heard it. You understand it. That’s why you’ve agreed to this challenge. You want better for yourself. Your life. Your families etc.
Added sugar has like one thousand other names. It’s super confusing for those of us that read labels. It’s even a sneakier devil for those who are new to reading labels. So we are here to support you! My hope is that this challenge turns into a lifestyle!
  • Step 1: Breathe and own your decision. Decide to give it all you got!  This is not for the weak at heart. Sugar is more addictive than drugs.


  • Step 2: Prepare! Meet with your family, talk to your co-workers, especially the ones that you snack with… note: people love to try and talk you out of doing something good for yourself because they aren’t STRONG enough to do it. Let that fuel you. Don’t succumb to weakness. You’re better than that.


  • Step 3: Buy whole food and fresh produce, especially sweet juicy ripe fruit. *Reminder – we always suggest shopping the perimeter of the store. Stay out of the aisles. The less packaged foods you purchase the better.


  • Step 4: Read and reread all labels. Sugar is in a lot more than you’d think. Bread, drinks (even the healthy ones), yogurt, condiments including salad dressing, energy bars and “diet” foods. If it has any added sugar put it down! *Don’t get tricked into the diet food shenanigans.  No artificial sweeteners are allowed.  We want to enjoy fresh naturally sweetened produce, ONLY!


  • Step 5: Drink lots of water! That’s right, staying hydrated helps everything.


  • Step 6: If you mess up, fall off, break down, dust yourself off and get back on track.


  • Step 7: Visualize what your end goal is and work daily to get closer to it.


Again, I am super excited that you’re doing this challenge with us and can’t wait to hear all the success stories!!!  I’m joining in the challenge as well.  Although I don’t consume processed or added sugar on a regular basis, I do enjoy raw honey and maple syrup on occasion.  I’ll be removing those from my diet.  #UnitedWeStand
Remember it takes 2 weeks for you to feel a difference in your body!! Let’s go hard toward a healthier existence. You got this!!!
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