Does your immune system need a boost?

The StillFit360 team is deeply concerned for anyone suffering from illness short or long term, and/or in isolation.  Our thoughts and prayers remain with them.
This blog post was born from an email I sent to my family this afternoon.  We have a family chat room where one of my uncles sends tips and information for emergency preparedness.  While discussing his tips with my sister and burning her ear off with my own ideas and suggestions, I decided to email them all directly.  In a family full of highly intelligent beings, it is often my approach to just listen and soak it all in.  I’m not typically big on the follow-up questions and the debates that will likely occur.  Today, I stepped into it because there’s no doubt in mind that the information that I’m sharing will help them.
Because I care about you as well, I’m sharing my personal family email with you.  If you’re inclined to please share with your networks.  Although the StillFit360 program (or any other program for that matter) cannot guarantee you immunity from illness, viral or otherwise, there is no better time to be proactive about your health.  John and I practice this lifestyle and enforce it in our home.  We are an example of its success.  Although never faced with this virus we have certainly seen remarkable protection from other airborne viruses and communicable diseases.  With a family as large as ours please know we are always at risk.  John works for an airline, we have two children in school, one child in daycare and two college-age kids that visit!
I hope you appreciate the tips and don’t forget to wash your hands!!! Wash them with soap and do it often!
“Good Afternoon Family:
I know we are all taking the steps we deem appropriate for our families’ needs in the event we are personally affected by COVID-19.
In addition to stocking up on our non-perishable items, household supplies, medication, and vitamins, I implore you to take a serious look at your current consumption and how you can improve. Right now we are in a position to make significant changes in advance of an emergency that can ultimately help boost our immune systems. Below you’ll find a list of my recommendations:
1. Clean up your diet.  At minimum remove sugar, processed foods, and alcohol.  Eliminating dairy and meat will definitely help remove mucous etc from your body. Your plates should be covered with vegetables.
2. Give intermittent fasting a chance!  The list of benefits is long but staying on topic when you give your gut a break from digesting food, it has an opportunity to do some of the other stuff it’s meant to do. Click the link for more info:
*We fast, meaning we don’t consume any calories at all for 16 straight hours and have an 8-hour window where we are able to eat.  The children fast for 12 hours and eat during a 12-hour window.  At a minimum try 12 hours of fasting and 12 hours of eating.
**Fasting is not just for weight loss! Making it practical and again on topic, imagine we are faced with food shortages – consider this preparation.  Learn how to eat less, less often, eat right, eat clean. Fasting can be initially stressful but in the same way, cardio stresses the heart to make it better.  This will make you better.
3. Stay hydrated!  Try drinking a gallon of water a day.
4. Vitamins! I recommend taking whole food or natural supplements vs. synthetic.  But of critical concern to me is that we are supporting our vitamins with a proper diet so they can truly benefit us.  When we eat right we are creating an environment that is prepared to absorb the vitamin and not just flush out with liquids. Don’t sleep on eating whole foods including fruits and vegetables! They’re full of vitamins.
My personal cocktail of daily vitamins includes sea moss/bladderwrack (an all-natural multivitamin) D3, Magnesium Phosphate, and calcium.
5. Exercise! Even if it’s just walking 30 min, taking the steps in btw meetings and or deliberate stretching at night.  You don’t have to go to the gym but you need to move.
6. Rest!!! Now is the time to get at least 7 hours of sleep at night.  Nothing makes you more susceptible to illness than exhaustion. “
Consult your doctor before starting any program.